Sunday, February 13, 2011

I visit Como Zoo

Emperor Tamarin DSC_1664
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I spent my Darwin Day at the Como Zoo with fellow skeptic and blogger, Biodork. We started off in the primate building and discussed our cousins who reside there. This was my first time at that exhibit. Kinda shocking, I know. For as many times that I've visited the zoo and conservatory, you'd think I would have stopped in that building.

My favorite spots are that cats and dogs. Here is a shot of one of the snow leopards.

Snow Leopard DSC_1920

And one of my favs, the Arctic Fox:

Arctic Fox DSC_1799
We watched this fox for quite a while so I could get a shot without building or fence. One of the wolves was fun to watch because someone brought their tiny little yippie puppy through the parking lot. I could see the predator eyes on the wolf as it ran along the fence.

I used to not be a fan of zoos. Those animals all caged up and unhappy and such. But there are some benefits to living in a zoo. For one, these animals no longer have to constantly spend every waking moment searching for food. Every animal and bird in the wild has to do that. And if I'm going to go down the anthropomorphic route: none of these zoo animals have to "worry" about being killed by other animals. Animals in nature, except for those at the top of the food chain mostly, have to be vigilant every minute in order to stay alive.

Reach for it DSC_1726

I love this pose so much that I spent way too much time in the digital darkroom trying to rid the above black-handed spider monkey shot of a red reflection from the buildings exit sign. Duh...make it monochrome!

(All photos are taken by me. Click on them to see a larger view on my Flickr page.)

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