Saturday, March 5, 2011

I visited the Minnesota Zoo

Smile DSC_3556
Smile DSC_3556
by Mully410 * Images

After much debate with myself, I picked up a used Nikkor 300mm F4 AF-ED lens today. This is a really old lens and it's a bit beat up on the outside. It's a fixed focal zooming. It's second fixed focal length ( lens in my bag. The first one was the Nikkor 35mm F1.8...which is awesome, by the way. It's well known in the photography community that prime (non-zoom) lens are sharper and produce higher quality images. Naturally, I was skeptical.

After spending a few hours at the Minnesota Zoo today, I am convinced. This lens is awesome. I must have grabbed the focus ring in a futile attempt to zoom about a hundred times but I'll get used to it. This lens is built like tank. All metal and way heavier than all my other lenses combined so I used my monopod. Since this 300mm an F4 it gives me an extra stop that my Nikkor 70-300 doesn't have. That means higher shutters and lower ISO in lower light situations. I hope to find a teleconverter that will work with it so I can get out to an equivalent 630mm for some closer otter photos at Lake Marsden.

Here is a slideshow of my zoo trip. You be the judge:

(click the little arrows to the lower right to embiggen to full screen)

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