Monday, April 25, 2011

Young Bald Eagles over Tamarack Nature Center

Young Bald Eagles
by Mully410 * Images

My truck needed some service so after I picked it up in Maplewood I decided to stop by the Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Township.  I visit this place a couple times a years.  It's a really nice park with an interesting trail around a lake that had floating boardwalks.

Shortly after I began my walk, I noticed a big raptor off to the south.  I usually walk around the other side of the lake but this time I didn't.  Turns out my quick decision to go the other way paid off.  I was standing on the dock and turned around to see an eagle come down real close to me.  I spent all winter learning and practicing my birds-in-flight photography at my bird feeder so I was ready.  I'm really proud of this series of shots.  Only one of the lone eagle photos was cropped in the slightest.  This bird filled the whole frame.  There were three young bald eagles in this group.  Within a few seconds or minutes (don't really remember, it happened fast), they were all together.  I still can't believe I got all three in the same frame...while one of them was upside-down.  Later, I saw two adult bald eagles and a cooper's hawk.

Please view the full screen slideshow for the best results. 

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