Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Young Barn Swallow From Redbubble

Since I recently opened a store on Redbubble, I decided it would be wise to try them out myself. I decided to get an 8x12 framed and matted print of this cute little barn swallow chick.

I'm impressed. The packaging was secure and durable. The frame looks to be good quality and the hardware is solid. I went with the "box" frame so it's a little thicker than the ones I have custom made locally. I can't vouch for the print quality as I haven't disassembled the unit.

My prices at my Redbubble store are less than if you purchased from me directly. The framer I use locally has a much wider variety of frames and mats. She also custom fits each frame and gives me a choice of glass. I use a conservation glass that has a UV coating. The prints I have done myself are top quality archival inks and papers. I'm not sure what Redbubble uses. Plus, when you buy from me directly, I'll sign the mat.

Overall, I think Redbubble is a good value. You get a decent print, mat and frame shipped directly to your address...and you can use a credit card.

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