Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Osprey Hates Eagle DSC_7166

I stopped by the bald eagle nest on Round Lake tonight. I watched one of the eagles perched on a high branch for about 20 minutes until it nicely flew off towards me.

After that, I walked up closer to the nest where the other eagles was standing guard. I didn't see any eaglets this time, but I heard there are two in there somewhere.

As I slowly walked back to the truck, I got distracted by an oriole and then by a song sparrow. Lucky for me because the eagle came back...with an osprey chasing it. They both were squawking at each other. The osprey clearly appear as the aggressor and continued to swoop down on the eagle after it landed.

Osprey Attack DSC_7160

Osprey Attacks DSC_7167

Bald Eagle DSC_7141


  1. Craig:

    This reminds me of an eagle chasing a seagull I caught on video last year.

    I just through it up on YouTube so you could take a look.


  2. Thanks for the comment and the link, Ben! That must've been fun to watch.


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