Saturday, August 27, 2011

I go to the Minnesota State Fair

Colors DSC_8230 by Mully410 * Images
Colors DSC_8230, a photo by Mully410 * Images on Flickr.
Yesterday, I made my annual solo pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair. I left work early and caught the park-and-ride bus based in our work parking lot. I had a great time making snaps and talking to people.

It started on the bus ride to the fair. I was lamenting how the midnight bus has lots of drunks and is quite annoying. The bus driver explained that bachelor parties are worse but bachelorette parties are even worse. She said, "the girls can't hold their liquor."

My first stop was the fine arts building. Some of the photography was pretty good and some was wtf? A snapshot of a guy on a motorcycle? Please.

My first snack was here:

The Original DSC_7783

I went to the Last Chance Forever show on the Garden Stage near the DNR building. I do this every year. Same show, same birds, but still cool. Here's my favorite shot:

Bay-winged Hawk DSC_7821
Bay-winged Hawk...aka Harris' Hawk

I rode the Skyride...chairlift thingy in case you didn't notice the first shot in this post is from that ride.

I ate some gator bits and hush puppies.  Very good.

Gator and Lemonade DSC_8251

I had the most fun watching the English Jumping competition. I sat next to a real nice woman who used to jump horses so I got free play-by-play. I learned a lot about shooting those events. It's very dark so my ISO was cranked way up. Lots of noise reduction in post. My 35mm f1.8 did ok but the brightest part of the coliseum is in the center. Didn't have enough zoom for those shots. I bet a 70-200mm f2.8 would work great.

I'm pretty sure this was the winner of the kids/adult class:

Airborne Winner DSC_8546

It was dark when I left the horse show so I tried a slower shutter pan on this ride.

Panning Practice DSC_8686

I finished the night outside the Grandstand. Heard Heart play Crazy on You, Barracuda and a cover of Battle of Evermore that sounded quite good.

I planning on joining the Twin Cities Photography Group for a night shoot on the 3rd. Here is a slide show of what I did yesterday.

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