Monday, October 31, 2011

Huge Milestone for Mully410 * Images


Early this morning, someone was responsible for the 500,000th view on my Flickr photostream. That's a lot of views.

Here are some highlights:

I wrote this when I posted this photo of an American Kestrel at the Raptor Center's release party on May 1, 2011:  "...glad I took a second look at my files.  Found this gem.  If you zoom way in on his eye, you can see the sky and some people reflections."  It's my most viewed photo at 10,979 views right now.

Kestrel Close Up DSC_7535

Thirty five people count Momma and the Kids as their favorite and 64 people commented on it for the most commented photo in my photostream. Second place for number of favorites only has 17 favorites.

Momma and the Kids DSC_8008

Flickr has a feature called "Explore." They have some sort of secret formula for selecting 500 photos per day to show on their Explore page. This photo was selected back on April 30, 2001. Flickr received about 3000-5000 new uploads every being selected in the top 500 for the day is pretty cool.

Rain Coming DSC_2417

These three photos were also Explored by Flickr: Shelf Cloud and Lightning; Dive, Dive, Dive; Smile.

This photo was picked up by the Associate Press wire last winter.  These photos have won various awards.   This photo won a second place and I was award a 24x30 print of my choice personally printed and signed by Moose Peterson

In 2010, Demure Amur was not selected for the Minnesota State Fair but it did win best-in-show at the Salon 300 State Fair Overflow Show at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.  Read about how it won here.

Amur Leopard

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Crex Meadows Wisconsin...Sandhill Cranes.

Went back to Crex Meadows on October 28th. I think we saw way more cranes than my last visit about three weeks ago. A couple of us (with no experience in such matters) estimated 10,000 cranes flew in for the night. I think I saw my first rough-legged hawk.

I think the first shot, the cranes on the road, might make a great book cover. 

This slide show looks much better in full screen mode. Click the arrows in the lower right of the frame.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sandhill Cranes, Trumpeter Swans, Songbirds and Raptors at Crex Meadows

A friend and I spent the day in Crex Meadows Wisconsin.  "The Crex" as it's locally known is a wildlife management area that attracts sandhill cranes by the thousands.  We got there for sunrise and stayed until sunset. 

Here is a slide show of what we saw.  These are my favorites of the nearly 1400 clicks I made that day.

Click on the box like thing on the lower right of the slideshow frame to expand it. I think you can click it again once you get into the slideshow to get a full screen view.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Life Birds This Week During My Lunchbreak

Bird DSC_2929 by Mully410 * Images
Bird DSC_2929, a photo by Mully410 * Images on Flickr.
Lately, I haven't been out on photowalks during my lunch break very often. Something about having to pay my bills....etc.

This week, however, I got out on two walks and saw two different bird species for the first time. The bird on the right is a Rusty Blackbird. According to Cornell University - All About Birds website, the rusty blackbird has declined 85-99% over the last forty years. Here is another shot of the bird:

Rusty Blackbird DSC_2947
(click to embiggen)

The second life bird I found and photographed was a golden-crowned kinglet.  These aren't my best photographic works but I publish them anyway as documentation of my spottings:

Bird DSC_2995

Golden-crowned Kinglet DSC_2987

Last spring during a lunch break photo walk, I spotted ruby-crowned kinglets.

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