Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get Better at Photography - Practice

Thayers Gull D7K_3230
Thayer's Gull (pretty sure)

Today, I went down to the Minnesota River to find some eagles.  I had heard that there were a whole bunch hanging around.  It's been very warm this winter so there is a lot of open water.

I only saw one eagle late in the day so I spent the better part of the afternoon shooting gulls.  When most people see a gull they think "seagull."  If you take some time and look carefully, you'll see there are many different kinds of gulls.   Even if you don't like gulls and don't want photos of gulls, they are great practice.  After watching them for a while, I learned exactly when they would dive on a fish.  They also fly relatively slow and predictably when they are fishing.  I pretty much shoot anything flying bird regardless because I want to be ready when something really cool flies by.  I made 500+ clicks today and had a lot of fun too. 

Here is a slideshow of all the gulls I shot that day:

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