Monday, March 12, 2012

Always Be Ready

I try to be ready for photography at all times. When I'm driving around I often have a camera on the front seat because anything can happen at any time.

I spent Saturday afternoon at Sucker Lake in Vandais Heights looking for waterfowl. The light left me well before sunset and I was hungry so I left early to get a DQ blizzard and a couple chili cheese dogs. The 500 f4 was on the D7000 mounted to the mono pod in the back seat for the drive home.

I was driving into the sun and saw a couple large silhouettes darken the sky. I figured eagles right away so I kept my eye out and quickly pulled into the Shoreview library parking lot. Fortunately, the two eagles were perched in trees easily visible. I parked and torn the Lenscoat cover off the 500 and extended the Gitzo monopod. I got about 10 quick frames of the eagle on spruce as it flew off. The other eagle left as I moved to get a better view.

If you plan to photograph birds, it pays to always be ready. Not only have your camera with you but have it setup for bird shots: Aperture priority wide open and auto ISO at a speed you know you have to hit for a sharp image. Eagle on Spruce_8727.jpg

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