Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Black Hills Trip Favorites

Pronghorn_0272.jpgNot A Rolling Stone_.jpgPronghorn Snack_9576.jpgWestern meadowlark_9886.jpgSign_.jpgTractor_.jpg
Stormy Road_.jpgStorm Photographers_4968.jpgLandscape_5093_.jpgLandscape_5097_.jpgPronghorn_0337.jpgSunrise_5214.jpg
Spotted Towhee_0351.jpgBison Calf_0407.jpgBison Calf_.jpgBison Calf and Mom_0586.jpgBison Calf_0705.jpgDonkey_0486.jpg
Clouds and Log.jpgBadlands Highway_5321.jpgBombers_1115.jpgWashington with Shades_1305.jpgGirl on Big Rock_1388.jpgTunnel Sentry_5380_.jpg
Black Hills Trip Favorites, a set on Flickr.
I spent the last week or so with Moose Peterson and Kevin Dobler on a K&M Adventure in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Almost 80GB of photos. I'm still working on some of them but here is a preview of my favorites so far.

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