Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AHATS August 2012

Delivery_2462.jpgLoon Juvenile_2216.jpgImmature Turkey Vulture_2261.jpgThree Mallards_2270.jpgDelivery_2330.jpgOsprey Mom and the Kids_2353.jpg
Spider_1393.jpgOsprey Mom and the Kids_2424.jpgDeer_2489.jpgGrass_1412.jpgFlight Practice_2518.jpgFlight Practice_2538.jpg
Sunset_1438.jpgSunset_1448.jpgOsprey_2591.jpgSunset_1450.jpgSunset_1458.jpgSnapping Turtle_2614.jpg
Snapping Turtle_2616.jpgSnapping Turtle_2624.jpgGreat Blue Heron_2674.jpgGreat Blue Heron_2677.jpgMom and the kids_2732.jpgQJ with Fish_2775.jpg
AHATS August 2012, a set on Flickr.
I've been hanging out in the Arden Hills Army Training Site lately. I've been asked to keep an eye on a suspected Blanding's turtle nest. Since I'm not to keen on watching sand, I check it a couple times a day and then go watch other wildlife. Here is a Flickr set I'll be adding to over the next couple weeks.

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