Sunday, January 20, 2013

US Pond Hockey Championships

I got up early today and made it out to Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis for the US Pond Hockey Championships. My thermometer showed 1F and I estimate the wind was probably 10-15 mphs.

It was cold but since I have the proper gear, only my fingertips and nose got uncomfortably cold.

The D4 performed flawlessly along with a rented Nikkor 70-200f2.8. Fun lens but very heavy. If this sports photography gets to be a habit, I'll have to buy one but until then I don't need it. My 70-300G VR works just find for the wildlife photography I do.


  1. Nice!! When I go to my hometown of Eagle River WI, I will post pictures of the USA Hockey Pond Hockey Championships they hold there. I played last year, but a wrist injury is keeping me out of the action this year....

    1. Bummer about your wrist but I'm looking forward to your photos.

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