Sunday, December 29, 2013

I visit the Minnesota River Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Duck Attack_42357.jpgPelican Preening_42206.jpgPelican Swallow_42403.jpgPelican and Swans_42431.jpgBald Eagle_42464.jpgLone Goldeneye_42525.jpg
Sleeping Swans_42578.jpgPelican Dance_42628.jpgHeron Preening_42663.jpgSwan Eating Fish_42668.jpgHeron Flight_42687.jpgHeron and Mallards_42698.jpg
Pelican_42708.jpgPelican and Heron_42719.jpgPelican Posing_42738.jpgHeron Eating Fish_42747.jpgPelican snow takeoff_42771.jpgPelican flight over snow_42778.jpg
Pelican in flight_42785.jpgPelican Flight_42787.jpgClose Pelican_42799.jpgPelican and Rocks_42862.jpgHeron Attack_42867.jpgHeron Attack_42876.jpg
MRVNWR - Dec 28, 2013, a set on Flickr.
I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon within the Minnesota River Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

It was interested because there was one American white pelican and one great blue heron. These birds usually migrate south. Both seemed to be making a good living handing out where the warm water from the Black Dog power plant hits the river. It doesn't freeze over here.

There were about 30 mallards, 5 trumpeter swans, 2 hooded mergansers and one common goldeneye enjoying the small fish.  I saw three bald eagles while I was there but none came close.

Go here for the full slide show:


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